Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My dream house

I figured, I love Solitude. I love these quiet winter evenings, with books and a steaming cup of hot chocolate to give me company :)
I also love the silence in these evenings.
As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the city, my favourite place still remains Talcher, a small little town in Orissa, where I spent some very beautiful years of my life.
My love for open spaces can be attributed to the big lawn that we had in front of the house, with colourful flowerbeds which were my mother's pride.My earliest Botany lessons come from there. Many a hot summer evening was spent in the lawn playing with the garden hosepipe and getting thoroughly drenched. We also had encounters with strange snakes in the lawn, who would occasionally come out of their holes for their summer evening walk!!!!
Then there were the cycling expeditions I had with my friends on the tree lined roads of the township. Me and my friends would discover new places in the township on our cycles. The thrill and excitement of discovering a new , little used road or a place was unmatched and used to be the secret topic of our discussions for very many days after that...
My sixteen kilometer ride to school was through lush green fields  and picturesque little villages.
These were some very impressionable years of my life and probably, that's why my dream house still is a little white house, with blue doors ,and a large garden , nestled in one, little corner of the world, far-far away from the lights of the city :)