Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why all that aggression, women?

First things first, the title has not got anything to do with the hit song Kolaveri di!!! After I had conjured it up, only then did I realise that it does resemble the English translation of Kolaveri Di. But here I maintain, neither the title, nor the post has got anything to do with the song!!!

Coming to the point, WHY do educated, urban, accomplished women constantly feel the need to prove a point to the world, WHY do they think they need to match up to the men in society ??? By doing that one is acknowledging the superiority of the opposite sex .

Men don't try to be like women, so why are women trying to be like men.....Trying too hard , to top it all!!!

Along with their Independence, they seem to also have acquired Aggression. Meaningless aggression serves no purpose. Speak out when you should, not when it is unnecessary !!! It is one thing to be Assertive and a completely different thing to be Aggresive. But the modern, Indian woman seems to have mixed it all up!!!

And what's all this talk of women "wearing the pants" in their relationships, in the boardroom, everywhere??It all boils down to men being the yardsticks for confidence, success and the like!!!

I'm more that happy being feminine, loving the way I am ......And I'm very sure,a lot of young girls and women out there would agree with me on that....