Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Long train journeys......Quizzing ......Daddy the quizmaster.......

Making a quiz for my college fest ,today, I realized, how much i enjoyed quizzing .....and long train journeys,coming back from spending a vacation with cousins at the Grandparents', when I would invariably be teary eyed and missing my cousins and Grandparents sorely!!!

Haven't been on a train since ages now.....
Daddy hasn't played quizmaster in a while.....
That time seems light years away!!!!

I wish life was slower and journeys were longer and vacations never got over !!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Some bright lady called Michelle Menard invented Nail Polish . Here's sending a thank you note to her for brightening up so many dull days , just like bright pink nail polish brightened mine today :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Anatomy of a weekend in a city

My weekends end up being more hectic than my weekdays.

It all begins with Friday evening, when all seems hunky dory and the world sure feels like a good place to live in. One feels as if they can complete all their pending work, pay the bills and conquer the whole world , over the weekend!!! Going through the calendar of cultural events  and movie listings in the city , 101 plans are drawn up with friends and family and sincere promises made to friends, whom one hasn’t met in ages, about catching up over coffee and desserts......

Reality dawns on Saturday morning and more practical , doable  “ to- do lists “  are drawn up. There is a sudden urge to drift through the weekend ,sleeping, but the flurry and the activity in the house forces one to abandon that plan. However,  I try to put off thoughts of work and studying  by immersing myself in music, by listening as well as singing. So,  Saturday mornings could range from anything from Bhairav to Baul or Bhajans and that sets  the tone for the day. What ensues is music classes, piles of practical files ( for unfortunate students like me ) and grocery shopping ( for poor mum and dad ). Also, the mere mention of public transport, gets people like me hysterical, those who spend the better halves of their lives travelling!!!

Sunday seems to scream “  I’m tired, let me go “  right from the morning. All work is done at a feverish pace, as if its the world, not the weekend, that is going to come to an end . So, while Brother is sent off for  that much needed haircut , I am reprimanded for the mess that my wardrobe and my book shelves are in and set to the task of cleaning them . Kishore  Kumar and his songs are a common feature in our Sundays , as Father seems to be in a rather  melodious mood and keeps singing or listening to his songs.

Whatever remains of the weekend is spent in planning for the week ahead and lamenting about what a wasted weekend it was !!!

And then its back to the grind again .......