Friday, 22 July 2011

At one point of time in my life, when I was bang in the middle of my teenage, I wanted to be so many people ( or  rather, be 'like' so many people ), now at 19 years and 11 months, I just want to be myself.......

At 15 , I wanted to be like Miss Popular in school and also secure the marks she had secured!!!! At 16, I wanted to dress up like Miss X, Y or Z. At 17 , I wanted to have hair like someone else and at 18, I started wondering, where exactly was " I " in all this ???

So finally at 19, I started loving my unmanageably frizzy hair, I have my unique dressing sense, I have accepted the fact that I'm technologically challenged and I love myself despite everything!!!

Around this time, I read somewhere,
" Its better to be a first rate of yourself, than to be a second rate version of someone else "......

Makes so much sense now!!!


  1. I can totally relate to this post. When i was in school, kids used to be so damn cool and i used to wonder when wud the kid in me grow up and i used to hate my frizzy hair, my addiction to "cute" things and just about everything about myself. If somebody complimented me i wud wonder if there was some pun intended in that one. I was always in self denial. But now i like to think that i have grown up a lil and i love myself( of course sometimes when im upset i wud criticize myself incessantly but that's with everybody i guess?)
    Cheers to this thought that we have learnt to love ourselves.This is our first step to the world of adults, Keep posting such insightful thoughts, you are sure to find a lot of surprises that we all think alike.

  2. Some statement this! Liked it for its candour!

  3. Hey Shreya, so very true !! and that's cute just like u :)

  4. thank you all!!! this was the first entry in my new diary , and I thought sharing it with everyone would evoke some interesting responses...))

  5. This post is full of realism. But then again while we grow we realize it's always better to be ourselves than being someone else. I am sure our loved ones will like us being ourselves