Friday, 22 July 2011

My first post.......

Okay, so the name of the blog is juvenile, but then , so am I........and yes, it does sound like a food blog,but my creative juices stopped flowing and this was the best I could think of ,that defined me.......:D I suddenly felt the need to blog to be able to give expression to the many things that keep going on in my head, things that I feel the need to share, to talk to people about, things that are probably insignificant , but still important.

And in the end, my blog is pink.....because its a colour that I feel was created for me and only me,
because I  have worn bright, neon pink pants to college and felt like a rockstar and
because the colour makes me feel that I'll never need to grow up!!!!

[Disclaimer- If in a month, after I turn 20 ,I finally decide to grow up and get over my obsession with pink, I will change the colour of my blog ;) ]


  1. You don't have to change your fav. color because for me pink defines you- the adorably sweet, cute and babyish shreya:) And i totally adore anything that is babyish:P
    And i love the title of your blog ,reminds me of some cartoon- "strawberry shortcake"..
    Looking forward to read more from you, we are now blogging buddies:D
    Happy blogging!

  2. awwww...thanks taru !!!!Strawberry shortcake was a very favourite cartoon actually ;) and yes of course, blogging buddies we are :D Cheers to that !!!

  3. Angel, the caption totally, entirely, completely defines you... lots of big, bright, pink, juicy strawberries with a dash of chilli n chutzpah!! so you!!!!! keep it coming, eagerly awaiting your next piece of writing. :)

  4. very small rey...write more...i think ill also start blogging

  5. @ sonal- thankeeh!!! do keep reading and telling me what you think of it ))

    @ diku- iknow!! this is just my first one...))

  6. khub bhalo laglo tuio baro hoa geli
    jiboner marmo bozar prathom kadom

  7. mejopishi!!! thank you....tumi o lekho, now that you've created an account))

  8. I wud just say in a word...'Wow'!!!!!!! This defy gives a wow feeling kittu n i really loved reading it!!!!!! Keep the good work goin!!!!! All da best

  9. Btw Kittu, dat reminds me even I blog..(though not regularly). the url is

  10. Thank you so much trinka didi!! it feels great to get so much encouragement)) yeah and i do agree its kinda difficult to write regularly....

  11. Nice 1st post. I liked it. Be yourself. That's why we all are on blogger :)

    keep writing :)